Sociology study teenage dating gpa

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Sociology study teenage dating gpa

At the societal level, it examines and explains such things as poverty, crime, and racism.

At the global level, it studies such things as immigration, modernization, and war.

The study of sociology gives the student an understanding and appreciation of the nature of society, social institutions, and people as social beings and creators of culture.

Through systematic investigation and analysis, students gain knowledge and insight into the complex relatinships found in the modern world.

Associate of Arts Degree Major in criminal justice, 27 hours: SOC 101, 228, 244, 340, 345; SOWK 110, 233, 274, 275.

SOCIOLOGY Baccalaureate Degree Major in sociology, 36 hours: SOC 101, 222, 228, 240, 305, 345, 440; 15 hours of electives in sociology (nine hours at 300 level or above).

Admission into the social work program takes place in two phases: 1) initial admission to major, and 2) admission to the senior social work practice block (SOWK 375, 475, 476 and 477).

Applications for admission to the social work major and to the senior social work practice block are available from the social work program director or on the Social Work Program website.

Requirements for teaching majors are available in the Office of Teacher Education. 220 SOCIAL GERONTOLOGY - 3 hours An introductory course in the field of aging. 222 SOCIAL RESEARCH METHODS - 3 hours The methodological framework for planning and implementing qualitative and quantitative social research, including the process of developing research designs, the selection of samples, the construction and use of research instruments, and methods of analyzing and interpreting data.

Students are then better prepared to make intelligent judgments in their own lives and to contribute more effectively to society and the world.

Sociology provides a background for pursuing further study in Katharine Winner, a Master's of Social Work (MSW) student at the University of Pennsylvania attributes where she is today to her time spent at Saint Anselm College. A's pointed me in the direction of social work and to help others".

Law as a mechanism for social control, and an impetus for social change. 275 PRACTICUM IN SOCIOLOGY - 1-3 hours Observation and participation in any of a wide range of human experiences and social systems. Study of several related non-Western cultures enables students to consider the relationship among the individual, culture, and society and encourages them to develop respect for other cultures and a better understanding of their own. 328 SOCIAL MOVEMENTS - 3 hours Examines the importance of social movements as a force for social change, why social movements emerge and develop, why people join them; strategies and tactics used, and factors influencing success or failure. 333 SEXUALITY AND GENDER IN SOCIETY - 3 hours Human sexuality as social interaction and a social-cultural construction. 340 YOUTH AND THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM - 3 hours Examination of the problem/need-definition process with youth and young offenders, including the ambiguity of social policies and adolescent roles in the United States. Historic landmarks in juvenile justice, including major movements and court decisions. The student is assigned to a setting where a realistic application of research knowledge is done under the direction of both a setting supervisor and the University instructor. Students pursue a supervised, independent inquiry on an aspect of the topic and exchange results through reports and discussions.

Includes the role of law in reinforcing and changing social class and social inequality. May be repeated for a total of six credit hours, three credit hours of which may be used to meet requirements in the major. Focus is on social movements in United States society. Topics include sexuality in historical-cultural context, psychosexual development and socialization, love and sex, sexual attitudes and behaviors, contraception, sexual coercion, and commercial sex, with special emphases on sexual identity, sexual orientation and gender. 335 SOCIOLOGY OF FAMILY - 3 hours Primary emphasis on development and maintenance of intimate relationships in the United States; theoretical and empirical materials on family life cycle, dating, sexual behavior, readiness for marriage, sexual behavior, social change and emerging family styles. The Manchester University Social Work Program, a baccalaureate degree program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, graduates generalist social work professionals of ability and conviction who respect the infinite worth of every individual.

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