Speed dating handshake

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Speed dating handshake

What’s worse in my book is a handshake at the end of the date.

Unless I’m repulsed by someone (it has happened) or I’m aware that the guy is not interested, I find a light goodbye hug is a better alternative. Proviso: Chemistry does not necessarily equal a make-out session. Sometimes I’ll make the first move, which could be a real (not light) hug or a kiss.

You’ve exchanged messages online, or maybe talked briefly at a party, but now you’re going to meet for the first time in a date setting. That’s what you usually do when meeting strangers or people you don’t know that well. Related: 5 Times It’s OK to High Five on a Date (And 5 Times It’s Not) Or do you just sort of…grin, with your hands in your pockets, and initiate no physical contact at all? You’re totally warm in your greeting, you make eye-contact, you modulate your voice to convey the necessary warmth and enthusiasm, but as far as touching, you leave them wanting more. There’s also a chance you’ll come off as frigid or stiff. Here’s the thing to remember: there’s a good chance the first greeting is going to be a little awkward, because, often, first dates are a little awkward. Make your decision in 5 seconds and then, whatever you choose – hug, bro tap, handshake – commit to it . And if things are a little awkward, you can definitely recover.

As you approach your meeting spot, you see your date is already there. You give them a friendly handshake and smile and say nice to meet them, or nice to see them again. But if you dwell too much on the potential awkwardness, it’s a lose-lose situation: which ever greeting method you choose is just going to be extra ungainly if your inner monologue is going “Ahhhh, awkward! But just out of curiosity, and keeping in mind that there are no wrong answers, we’re interested: what’s your go-to method of greeting a date?

“The development of a strong local food system relies on person-to-person interaction,” says Amanda Oborne, a vice president at Ecotrust.

“The speed-dating model offers an obvious way to facilitate those verbal agreements and handshake deals.” Not that either organization cares one whit about owning the concept.

“Put a beer in every hand, get folks talking, and those differences melt away.” Ecotrust, a nonprofit in Portland, Oregon, has been staging similar socials since 2001.Both Hess and Oborne welcome the dozens of other programs—such as Vermont’s “weed dating” circle—cropping up across the country.“We get a ton of requests for information,” says Hess. Related: The Ultimate First Date Guide Do you shake their hand? You potentially want to kiss this person, so what’s wrong with hugging them? Do you give them a non-conventional greeting, from a fist bump to a back/arm tap to a bro hug? But it doesn’t exactly pave the way for a night of romance. The truth of the matter is, nothing here is going to be a dealbreaker. A hug is friendly, relaxed, and easily breaks down the physical barriers. And there’s nothing, seriously nothing, more awkward than a limp, half-hearted hug between two people who don’t know each other that well.

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Have you ever thought about the hello/goodbye aspect of first dates?

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