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Note: When using variable substitution, variable names need to be lower case and not include the hyphen in hyphenated parameters (i.e.the parameter This is an example Git commit message.The ONLY 2 directories open for the user running apache "nobody" should be "SOME_PATH/wp-content/uploads" and "SOME_PATH/wp-content/upgrade", which in my case both have the correct permissions. Jobst Replying to dd32: clear_destination uses "is_writable/is_writeable" which is a PHP function running in the context of the user running apache (nobody in the case above), so obviously the files are NOT writeable and never should be!I'm getting the following during SSH2 plugin update on 4.3.They simply convert streams to real local paths, and then use the PHP functions on the direct paths (from what I can tell).

If you need some debug info, tell me what to do and I will give you that info.

Trac ticket attributes is an available Gerrit hook parameter.

See the Gerrit Hook documentation for a list of available hooks and the associated parameters.

Seems a bit funky: PHP Warning: file_put_contents(): Unable to open ssh2.sftp://Resource id #308/usr/share/wordpress/.maintenance on remote host in /usr/share/wordpress/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ssh2on line 181 not really being supported for stream wrappers - or rather, that the support is limited.

PHP will fetch the owner / permissions of the file over the SSH2 connection, but then base it's calculations of the current system user (nobody) rather than the ssh user in use for that call. a) Remove is_writable() support for SSH2 - It just plain doesn't work as expected.

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