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Usually, a user had to sign up for a subscription or pay per chat, and a portion of that payment goes to you.It all depends on chat method used (actual chat or text messages) and how long the conversation lasts.

Flirt Bucks is perhaps the most well-known of these types of services.Your rate is determined by what type of chat you decide to use: regular chat or video chat, and how long you remain active with the company.Video chatters will earn more per minute, but a text hostess can still earn up to 15 cents per minute if she’s with the company for six months or more.Additionally, Flirt Bucks seeks women who have good typing skills, fun personalities, and can hold a great conversation.You can choose your hours and days to work, and you’re always in control of who you want to chat with.

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This website is highly focused on women as “models” – meaning that it does encourage sharing photos through text.