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The Add-on Support Pack and Patch software are bundled into the same installer package.

This means you can update directly to the required Support Pack and Patch level in one go, without the need to apply the Support Pack first, then the Patch.

Additionally, apps will not auto-update when their permissions have changed.

This is to prevent you from being harmed by an app that was previously safe and suddenly the new version has access to everything on your phone. It will download your file and install it automatically. Automatic Update This option will update all app that doesn't need extra permissions.

As soon as you update the client software, without first updating the server software, your server software will stop working!This isn’t a general rule that will last very long.A bit more about that: If you’re updating your Platform to the latest version, currently BI 4.2 SP4, you’ll almost certainly going to update your add-ons to the latest version too.Android Market APKs are monitored, and you'll be notified when an update is available.There should also be a checkbox on the Market page for each of them allowing you to specify automatic updating; the developer has a case-by-case override for that for when it might lead to loss of data.

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