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Updating database in avg 8 5

In sys.dm_db_log_stats, you will find a new column log_since_last_log_backup_mb which can be used in your backup script to trigger a transaction log backup when log generated since last backup exceeds a threshold value.With smart transaction log backup, the transaction log backup size would be consistent and predictable avoiding autogrows from transactional burst activity on the database.The log_backup_time column in sys.dm_db_log_stats can be used to determine the last transaction log backup and can be used to alert a DBA and trigger a backup in response to the alert.The last log backup time can also be derived from msdb database but one of the advantage of using log_backup_time column in sys.dm_db_log_stats is, it also accounts for the transaction log backup completed on secondary replica if the database is configured in Availability groups.Every once in a while, a DBA faces a situation where a user has a long running transaction in killed\rollback state causing blocking issue.

In the example shown below, the transactions between 9am – am are below average which produces a small transaction log backup file at am but more importantly doesn’t lead to any autogrow.

In such scenario, a DBA can look at recovery_vlf_count and log_recovery_size_mb to understand the number of vlfs to recover and log size to recover if the database is restarted.

High number of recovery_vlfs and log recovery size can lead to entire database in recovery state for long time if the database is restarted.

Finally, following pattern can be most dangerous and leading indicators of poor health and maintenance of transaction log.

It is important to understand the cause of log truncation holdup reason in this case and appropriate size of transaction log to avoid this scenario.

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Usually when you exceed 100s of VLF or if active_vlfs is approaching closer to total_vlfs, a DBA should be alerted to understand the cause of the transaction log truncation holdup and growth.

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