Updating firmware on blackberry storm

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Sometimes, it will give you the option to install older versions of the OS.Fixes: Once you have launched the App Loader, it should detect the OS update.This is a hybrid OS so only install it at your own risk guys!Also, keep in mind that it is indeed only for the Black Berry Storm 2 9520 and not the 9550.If you have downloaded the new OS versions on your Bold or Storm 9500, let us know what issues have been fixed or if any problem was made worse.Androids don't update it's apps every two days individually updates can be limited to when you want them done or when the OS is updated. I like it too - its very clever even now its almost 8 years old!Those using the Verizon 9530 model will have to wait for a separate release.

Use BBSAK, you will see me mention this app a few times.

The first thing is that there are two different types of OS that you can install: one is the official OS, released by a carrier, and the other one is a leaked OS, meaning that it has not been approved by the carriers to be installed.

You can install an official OS using Desktop Manager, but usually it will not let you install a leaked OS unless you do some tweaking.

Remember to always back up your data before doing this. If you have a password on you Black Berry, you will need to type that in before it lets you do anything.

Official OS install: To load an official OS, all you need is to download and install the Desktop Manager.

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It will detect the official OS if it is issued by your carrier.

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