Updating flowered wallboard

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Updating flowered wallboard

Anything that wet the paper enough to remove it, wet the plaster too much.I finally found something that works - an ordinary steam iron.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.We literally spent hours upon hours tossing ideas back and forth, estimating products and measuring the space.In the bathroom reveal I showed you how thrilled I was that everything came together beautifully.

We stopped and had a professional out for a consult and he said all the homes on our street had the same problem and he had worked on many of them after the owners tried to remove the wallpaper.No matter what product you buy or do to the wall Your probably going to keep running into the same situation as you keep taking it off.Probably a combination of a non-primed wall and older sheetrock.I turn it to the hottest setting and hold it against the (scored) paper until the paper starts to scorch. The paper pops loose and lifts right off with the putty knife, dry, without harming the orange peel.

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The vinegar somehow keeps the water "wet" and as a bonus helps remove any residual glue. So stop, take a breath, and follow above and press on. The top fabric layer peels right off whether wet or dry and the under layer of paper remains securely glued to the wall.