Updating jailbroken iphone to 2 1 Free trial sex dating

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Updating jailbroken iphone to 2 1

You'll lose the jailbreak and need to re-jailbreak (if one is out for the update), but there are some settings that stick around after updating (! For example, I had installed a 5-row keyboard hack, and after updating, my keyboard was dead-on-arrival (it would not appear).

I had to go into the keyboard settings and do some mucking around to get it back.

If a tweak you were using has been storing data in an unorthodox place, and you create a backup of this data, when you restore the phone you might never be able to access (or delete) said data again.

This might not be a huge amount of data and pose little problem, or it might be a lot of temporary files that eats a good portion of your 16GB i Phone’s memory. Ever made a warranty claim for a phone you had previously jailbroken?

I have made a step-by-step guide to help in this process to help you understand the proper way to upgrade.

Do this instead: There are a lot of tales online – mainly anecdotal, which comes with the territory when it comes to jailbreaking – that creating a backup of a jailbroken device is a bad idea.

There are a few reasons for this, one of which is that if you’re making a warranty claim it’s possible for Apple to tell that your device was jailbroken once some evidence of the jailbreak has been copied back to the freshly restored phone.

If you’re not making warranty claims, you still might want to hold off creating a backup.

Jailbroken i OS firmware can run riot accessing different parts of the filesystem usually only reserved for apps and system components.

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