Vampires diaries actors dating

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When last fans saw the character she had taken the cure, become human, and died from old age.

However, rumors are circulating that Katherine may be making her return somehow in Season 8 of the series.

Elena returns to Elijah and he tells that Klaus is an hybrid of vampire and a werewolf too and he wants to build his own bloodline.

Further, only a witch could kill Klaus in the full moon during the transition.

Rumors were flying after the couple ended their relationship that an on-set feud was brewing.Damon delivers verbena to Katherine to avoid to be compelled by Klaus.Meanwhile Elijah discloses to Elena that Klaus is his brother and the curse is fake.Ian Somerhalder seems to do his best work on TV, and if he can’t make it in the film industry, then the CW series could be a good fit for him to continue playing Damon for a few more years to come.Meanwhile, Somerhalder’s relationship with wife Nikki Reed is said to be on the rocks.

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Stefan bickers with Damon over how to protect Elena, who shocked both of them but also prevents a fraternal fallout.