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Scherzer is capable of making teams look bad, but to handle the best lineup in baseball like child's play speaks volumes about how on he is and how off the Red Sox are.

One thing the Red Sox are notorious for is taking pitches.

She just threw it down and said 'What do I want that shit for? Then my Dad started screwing up, drinking." he was noticed by former heavyweight boxing contender Ron Lyle, who had become a supervisor at the center.

In 2003, Lyle guided Ortiz to a Junior Olympics tournament, where, at the age of sixteen, he won the 132-pound weight division with a perfect 5-0 record.

This certainly isn’t the first time we have heard of significant others or families of players being harassed by fans.

Josh Hamilton said his wife needed extra security when the Angels visited the Rangers this year and one NFL linebacker once said his team’s own fans made his fiancee cry.

She claimed fans were throwing trash and taunting opposing players’ children.

That may have changed the entire series, with the teams heading to Detroit tied at 1-1 instead of Boston facing an 0-2 hole.For those of you who are unaware, “POS” stands for “pieces of s—.” Naturally, the Red Sox supporters came out of the woodwork and began bashing Tiffany for grouping all fans together.Others called her names and basically told her to stuff it, but she refused to back down.When he was seven years old, Ortiz's mother abandoned her family.Shortly thereafter, Ortiz began boxing at the insistence of his father, an alcoholic who often beat his children following his wife's departure. I drew her a card once with a little rose on it and I gave it to her.

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