Who is niki taylor dating

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Who is niki taylor dating

Sandra held nothing back during her performance at Life (the spot formerly known as the Village Gate) on Saturday night when she launched into a tirade about her ex-gal pal Madonna's latest film role, "Evita." Among other things, Sandra was disgusted by the fact that anyone would want to "make a movie glorifying a murderer . This news certainly shocked and disappointed a large number of the female fans in the audience.

You believe it, and we'll tell you all about our intimate moments with Sandra's girlfriend Patricia Velasquez. Bill's fill Bill Maher hasn't even done his first "Politically Incorrect" for ABC debuting Jan. "First of all," says Maher in the January issue of The Cable Guide, "I'm not looking to working like a f---ing slave.

She has even found a way to stay in touch with her wild side: by riding her Harley-Davidson Road King, an odd choice, perhaps, for someone who nearly died in a car crash. It was there that she dated ex-boyfriend Keith Urban, whom she was with from 2002 to 2004. On Friday I just want to stay on the couch and watch a movie with the boys, says Taylor.

“We’re still friends, and I’m so happy for him and Nicole.” Taylor hopes that kind of happiness is in her cards too.

“Niki and Burney are having, most probably, the roughest time in their nine year old marriage. But I don’t know what has gone wrong all of sudden. They argue and fight all the time and the children are really worried,” revealed the source.

The informant further added that due to their constant arguing, the children are having hard time too.

That's just yuck to me." He goes on to joke that his pal, "I mean, Jay [Leno] loves a thing like that, because he's got no f---ing life and he's an android. I'm really looking forward to the day that this show is canceled, so that I can go back to having a life." Not too politically correct.

He's also not looking forward to giving up standup.

Paciello eventually left on his own accord, blowing a kiss at Martinez and heading to Liquid. "And I knew it was on the minute I saw them walk into the club. Their marriage is over and the guy should be happy she has a good male friend in me.

There are a lot of s----guys out there." South Beach is a small town, but there's no danger the two will meet over the holiday weekend.

Paciello came home to the terrible news that his grandmother had passed away in New York and is here now for the funeral.

Then there was her battle with prescription drugs and the car crash five years ago that left her clinging to life and resulted in more than 50 surgeries and procedures to repair her wrecked body. “They said, ‘Don’t expect any miracles.'” During the six weeks she spent unconscious, Taylor says she experienced terrible nightmares.

Yet as Taylor looks out over her 7-acre retreat she says, “I have a good thing going on.” She rarely models anymore, instead focusing on a slew of fashion-related enterprises. When she finally regained consciousness that June, she says, “I went through every emotion possible and was like, Something has to change.'” Taylor refocused her life on her boys, settling in Brentwood after she fell in love with the area during a visit.

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Well, the South Beach party scene is in full swing and we do mean full swing.