To find happiness, first you have to find yourself.

Krissa has always been the responsible one. Driven to fulfill her mother s abandoned dreams, to make her husband Derek happy. She s brought that single-minded determination to the one dream she has for herself a child. Except she and Derek can t conceive, and Derek refuses to consider using a stranger s sperm. The result? Guilt that her desperation is causing their marital rift.

The last thing they need is a long-term houseguest, but Derek s best friend Nate, a nomadic photographer recovering from a career-threatening eye disorder, has nowhere else to go.

Nate thought his friends home would be a temporary haven from the grief that has dogged his heels since his wife died. Instead he s in the middle of a marriage in meltdown. Soon their friendship develops an underlying hum of forbidden sexual tension. When Krissa proposes a wild idea that Nate be their sperm donor Derek has an even wilder proposal: bypass the fertility clinic and accept Nate s donation straight from the source.

At first, Krissa believes she s on the fast track to having her dream. But it quickly becomes clear that when the heart gets involved and secrets are revealed the simplest of arrangements can become entangled beyond belief. Or repair Warning: This title contains a man who s lost, the woman he finds, sizzling menage sex, tender romantic sex, love lost and love found.

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